ZHANG-ZHUNG Natural Aromatic Tibetan Incense

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Tibetan incense making tradition has been inherited from pre-Buddhist Zhang Zhung kingdom of Tibet. Using indigenous high altitude herbs and plants including all-purpose aromatic ajnia tenuifolium and rhododendron for purification of atmosphere and to propitiate the deities.

Zhang Zhung incense can be used for religious rites as well as for daily purification of one's surroundings.

The natural incense is non-toxic and contains no narcotic or habit-forming ingredients. It is environmentally friendly and completely safe for inhalation.

  • Contains: 30 sticks
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Made by Tibetan Dr. Dolkar House


Directions for Use:

  • Light the incense stick and place it in an incense burner.
  • Always burn incense in moderate quantities to prevent overheating.
  • Never leave your incense burning unattended.

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