Green Tara Tibetan Incense Pack

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Green Tara Gift Pack contains five different varieties of original Tibetan incense:

  •      Kalachakra Incense
  •      Mila Incense
  •      Kailash Incense
  •      Green Tara Incense
  •      Paljor Healing Incense

Each small box contains 14 sticks and each stick is approximately 15 cm long.

Weight: 25 g / 1 small box

Green Tara traditional Tibetan incense is purely hand prepared from highly flavoured medicinal herbs and other precious substances. This incense is totally absent of choking and camphor smell and is also non-toxic and non habit-forming. Generally the Tibetan incense is used for Puja offering and purification, but it is also used as air freshener which keeps one’s surrounding flavoured with good scent.

Directions for Use

  • Light the incense stick and place it in a incense burner.
  • Always burn incense in moderate quantities to prevent overheating.
  • Never leave your incense burning unattended.

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