Om Mantra Singing Bowl Set

€ 145,00

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  • Singing bowl size: 17 cm diameter, 7 cm height
  • Net weight : 0.87Kg /Set
  • Wooden striker 
  • Material: brass
  • Handmade in Nepal

The singing bowl is a popular tool to use during massages and meditations. The vibrations produced in the singing bowl are so intense that they buzz across our bodies. Our body consists of 70% of water, our cells resonate with the vibrations. Many people experience this inner massage as deeply relaxing.

The singing bowl is made of brass. Each bowl has its own frequency and therefore its own sound, depending on the size and weight.

Low tones give rest, while the highs bring energy. What makes the singing bowl special is that the sound gives you incredible inner calmness and silence.

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