Prayer flags & Lungta
September 04, 2022

Prayer flags & Lungta

 What are those little multicolored flags fluttering in the Himalayas?

In the windy Himalayas, looking around, the thing you might be the most curious about is a string of colorful and various small flags can be seen everywhere, hanging on the snow-capped mountains, temples, roofs, and treetops. When you approach and look closely, you will find that they are the Tibetan wind horse flags and the prayer flags, are made of cotton, linen, silk and other materials. They were printed with the pattern of a horse carrying the Three jewels, Six-character mantras, Buddhist scriptures and proverbs, symbols and Buddha images are combined on them.


 Where to hang the Tibetan prayer flags?

These prayer flags can be seen everywhere, whether in Tibetan villages or temple complexes, in snow-capped mountains, in meadows, around a white Stupa, or hanging on roofs and trees, they reverberate gorgeously as they sway with the force of the wind. Small handmade prayer flags can be hung indoors, such as on window frames, by your door or at your altar.

Hand-printed Cotton Windhorse Prayer Flags 1.5m

 What is the legend of Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags?

When trying to trace the origins of the now widespread custom of hanging prayer flags, the oral narrative presents many different legends. One of the most widely circulated stories tell how a Tibetan Buddhist monk brought back a set of important and sacred scriptures from India. The pages got wet as he crossed the river. Then he spread the wet paper on the ground to dry. He sat and as he meditated with his eyes closed under the tree, a gust of wind blew, and a sheet fell from the sky. Amazingly, the rest of the sheets were carried away by the wind and spread freely to bless all directions. Since then, Buddhist monks began to place their prayers and wishes on prayer flags, and gradually, Multicolored flags of prayers for peace and happiness began to flow everywhere throughout the Himalayas.

In fact, we think that there is nothing more beautiful than the colorful Tibetan prayer flags, which sometimes flutter lightly with the breeze, sometimes flutter arbitrarily under the strong wind, dancing with light and shadow in the bright sunshine of the plateau.


 What is the symbolic meaning of Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags?

There are five colors of prayer flags, and each color corresponds to a different element. According to Tibetan medicine tradition, health and harmony are produced through the balance of the five elements

🟦 Blue symbolizes the sky and space.

⬜ White, symbolizes the air and wind.

🟥 Red, symbolizes the fire.

🟩 Green, symbolizes the water

🟨 Yellow, symbolizes the earth.

Hand-printed Om Mantra Prayer Flags 1.2m

 Why is there a kind of prayer flags called Lungta in Tibetan?

Actually, Lungta is one of the prayer flags in Tibetan Buddhism. The pattern consists of a horse, the four dignities and auspicious blessing words. Therefor "Lungta" in Tibetan, which means ‘wind horse’, a strong and fast horse. Under the fast action of the wind element, it transmits the power of faith and blessings to all sentient beings. The wind horse flag symbolizes overcoming obstacles and doing all positive work quickly and easily. In Mongolian, prayer flags are called "хийморь". In this country where Tibetan Buddhism is prevalent, just like people living in the Himalayas, an important annual traditional New Year ceremony is to hang new Lungta in every household. As a symbol of happiness and luck, Lungta are renewed every year on new year or auspicious days. When you happen to visit the Himalayas or Mongolia at this time, you can see the new multi-colored wind horse flags fluttering all over the place, which is full of joy, peaceful and tranquility.


 What do the mean of auspicious animals in the four corners of the Wind horse flags Lungta?

There are different images of mythical creatures in the four corners of wind horse flags Lungta, which are called the four dignities - Garuda, Dragon, Snow Lion and Tiger. They are ancient auspicious symbols in Tibetan Buddhism, which means bring confidence and strength into daily life.

Hand-printed Cotton Windhorse Prayer Flags 2.1m

 What are the mantras on Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags and Lungta?

There are many kinds of mantras that are printed on prayer flags and Lungta. They spread in all directions by the power of the wind. Common ones are the Tara Buddha mantra, the Medicine Buddha mantra, the six-syllable mantra, and the Heart Sutra, etc. In modern times, there are also some prayer flags that are printed with many auspicious blessings words and sent by the wind. In our, we have our special handmade prayer flags which the scriptures are verified by Venerable master, we choose high-quality pure cotton colored fabrics, hand-printed and sewn carefully, Each frame of prayer flags incorporates our prayers and blessings. We pray for world peace and all beings to be happy and healthy!

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