Om Mantra Obsidian Lava Rock 8 mm Beads Bracelet

€ 15,50 EUR

  • Lava rock 8 mm beads
  • Obsidian beads
  • White turquoise beads
  • Obsidian bead with Om mantra laser-engraving
  • Size: 19 cm (elastic)

Lava rocks (Volcanic stones) are abundant in minerals and contain an energy magnetic field.

Its grounding and calming qualities work well in stabilizing and anchoring the root chakra.

Wearing the lava rocks can be helpful to release negative emotions and regulate body balance.

The surface of the Lava rocks has many innate porous just like the human skin. These porous are capable of absorbing and holding the aroma of the essential oils very well.


Black Obsidian Stone is a powerful spiritual cleanser. It is a strong psychic protection stone to aid the release of addictions and emotional blockages.  

It is regarded as a talisman to counteract the evil forces.

The Obsidian stone resonates with the root chakra for their stabilizing and grounding effects.