Eight Auspicious Symbols
prosinec 14, 2019

Eight Auspicious Symbols

Eight Auspicious Symbols

The Eight Auspicious Symbols (in sanskrit Ashtamangala) are a group of symbols frequently represented.

These symbols are of ancient Indian origin and are very popular in Tibetan Buddhism. The eight symbols are as follows:

ParasolParasol (chattra) - royalty and spiritual power

Golden FishesGolden Fishes (suvarnamatsya) - good fortune, fertility and salvation

Treasure VaseTreasure Vase (kalasha) - spiritual and material abundanc

LotusLotus (padma) - mental and spiritual purity

Conch Shell (sankha) - the sound of Lord Buddha's teachings

 Endless KnotEndless Knot (shrivasta) - interdependance

Victory BannerVictory Banner (dhvaja) - victory of the Buddha's teachings over

WheelWheel (dharmachakra) - the teachings of the Buddha